The MPs against honouring the nation’s decision

25 June 2016: David Lammy MP (Lab) called on MPs to disregard the vote and “stop this madness.”

26 June 2016: Nicola Sturgeon (SNP) says she would ask MSPs to refuse to give their “legislative consent” to Brexit.

27 June 2016:  Ken Clarke (Con) asked the Prime Minister in Parliament if MPs could decide if the vote was in the national interest and if the UK could join the European economic area to restore order.

27 June 2016: Angus Robertson (SNP) said “we have no intention whatsoever of seeing Scotland taken out of Europe.”

29 June 2016: A group of MPs including Catherine West (Lab), Daniel Zeichner (Lab) say they will “vote against Brexit” if they can in parliament. Geraint Davies (Welsh Lab) and Jonathan Edwards (Plaid Cymru) demand a Second Referendum.

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