South London Invoke Democracy Now!

Message from the South London Invoke Democracy Now! co-ordinators

Welcome to South London IDN – where we believe that people need to keep talking about the deep differences of opinion exposed by the referendum.

We love democracy and take it seriously. We’re concerned by attempts to overturn and undermine the result of the EU referendum and to characterise the views of millions of Leave voters as ignorant, small-minded or irrational. But we also think the referendum has revealed a crisis of political confidence among Parliamentarians and media commentators which offers us a unique opportunity to defend democracy and demonstrate what it means.

We are based in Tooting, Streatham and Balham, but wherever and whoever you are, and whatever you voted, come along and discuss your ideas at one of our forthcoming debates.”

Ann, Harley and Liz

South London IDN co-founders

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Next meeting: “The bright side of Brexit – real power to the people?” Wednesday 14th September, 7.30PM @ The Antelope, Tooting Broadway

Past meetings

28TH JULY 2016: ‘South London Invokes Democracy Now’
Speakers include: Dr Lee Jones, Senior Lecturer in Politics QMUL; Pete North, Leave Alliance; Luke Gittos, lawyer and legal editor for spiked; Liz Malone, Lambeth resident.
Chaired by Rob Killick, Invoke Democracy Now!

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