Based on the Chequers deal the referendum decision to leave the EU faces being overturned and Britain looks likely to leave in name only.

This represents the culmination of a “slow betrayal of Brexit” by the Government and a political elite, many of whom are merely paying lip service to leaving. In the process the largest democratic mandate for anything, ever, in the UK, risks being overturned.

This would be a monumental betrayal of democratic principles. In the circumstances we must defend democracy against these attempts to ignore it, dilute it or subvert it. Otherwise we are in danger of confirming the view that our votes count for nothing.

IDN’s #Rallyfordemocracy meetings aim to gather democrats to defend democracy and uphold democratic principles at a critical turning point for Britain’s future.

#Rallyfordemocracy London – Thurs 6th September, Friends House, Euston

Speakers include:

Mick Hume – Author and Editor at Large – Spiked

Kate Hoey – Labour MP for Vauxhall

Munira Mirza – Former deputy mayor for education and culture at the GLA

Brendan Chilton – Labour Leave

Gisela Stuart – Chair – Change Britain

Chair: Tessa Mayes – Journalist, author and documentary film maker