IDN organise a network of groups – up and down the country – where people can discuss issues related to Brexit and democracy.

Our initial meetings have been incredibly popular and lively. They’ve involved wide-ranging discussions on questions around the themes of post-Brexit democracy, what next for Britain and our evolving relationship with Europe.

To start your own local meeting group, get in touch today.

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South London Invoke Democracy Now!

Message from the South London Invoke Democracy Now! co-ordinators “Welcome to South London IDN – where we believe that people need to keep talking about the deep differences of opinion exposed by the referendum. We love democracy and take it seriously. We’re concerned by attempts to overturn and undermine the result of the EU referendum […]


Birmingham Invoke Democracy Now!

Message from one of the Birmingham Invoke Democracy Now! co-ordinators We are organising meetings, events and ‘get togethers’ across Birmingham and the Black Country. We want to make sure that Theresa May’s government carries out the will of the people, and that means we should trigger Article 50 now. But we also want to shake […]


Yorkshire Invoke Democracy Now!

Website: Twitter: @DemocracyYorks MESSAGE FROM YORKSHIRE’S IDN CO-ORDINATOR We believe that the vote for Brexit presents us with a historic opportunity to shape our future. Whether you voted Leave or Remain, it doesn’t matter. Now is the time to seize the opportunity and positively shape our future. To build on the spirit of democracy and tackle the big issues […]

Photo: Chris Sharp

Democracy and the Arts in Europe (series)

A Creative Industries Federation survey suggested that 96% of creatives favoured remaining in the EU. However, now that Article 50 has been triggered and we commence shaping post-Brexit Britain, perhaps the mood is changing? Many cultural figures continue to ask whether Brexit spells disaster for the UK’s cosmopolitan art scene; others are open to the […]



Based on the Chequers deal the referendum decision to leave the EU faces being overturned and Britain looks likely to leave in name only. This represents the culmination of a “slow betrayal of Brexit” by the Government and a political elite, many of whom are merely paying lip service to leaving. In the process the […]