INVOKE DEMOCRACY NOW! believes the decision to leave the European Union offers us – the people – an incredibly rare and precious opportunity to take democratic control of our society.  

The vote to Leave sent a strong message that people want their view to count. It’s also clear that millions of us want the chance to create a better future for ourselves and our communities.

But this opportunity is under threat. Some are calling for the vote to be overturned, to be voted upon again or to have its meaning watered down – all undemocratic responses to a legitimate election result. Invoke Democracy Now! calls for more democracy, not less.

We are also looking beyond Brexit. Relying on existing political leaders results in sterile, unimaginative policies.  We believe it’s time for all democrats to come together to work out what’s next.

Our campaign is open to everyone irrespective of political background or how you voted in the referendum. We are inspiring open debate about how to tackle the challenges we face – from the type of Brexit people want to the policies that can transform our country.

There are three ways to be part of this:

1. Join us at Local meetings near you

Across the country, groups of all ages and political stripes are taking to their communities with a single aim: to reignite public discussion on the prospects for British democracy.

To join a local group or set up one in your area, get in touch today.

2. Shout! Contact your MP today

Three quarters of MPs voted differently to the majority of the public. Can you trust your MP to uphold your vote? Talk to them today using our resources, including a post-Brexit letter template.

3. Sign up to our and spread the word